Saturday, August 1, 2009

Here is the quilt I snagged recently. I spotted it and himmed and hawed about it. Then my sweet hubby went back and got it for me. I'm sure he felt ridiculous walking through the store with a flowered pink quilt! He must really love me! Anyway, I thought it would look perfect in this room and I do love it! I added some yellow checked pillows I've had for awhile (purchased at a consignment shop). Overall I think my nieces will enjoy the room I have prepared for them.

I recently purchased this vanity. I have always wanted one with folding mirrors ever since I can remember! I prepared it to paint it a soft yellow.
So here is the finished product. I placed it in my guest room I have been manically working on because my two nieces four and seven are coming to visit in ten days. I always get insane when people are coming my whole family cringes and hides around these times. Anyone else get like that?