Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Houses in my neighborhood

I was recently reading a blog entry at Cottage state of mind. Dawn was telling the history behind her house. I find that kinda stuff very interesting. It got me to thinking about the history of my house and the block we live on. Our house was built in 1920 by a very wealthy family the Bellamy's best known for the fact they started and owned a little local telephone company. They actually owned the whole block and in each of the four homes were occupied by various family members. There was ma and pa Bellamy who lived in our house and then two brothers, and I guess the grandparents lived in the largest brick house. Behind our house was grandma's gardens and as our neighbor behind us Shirley (who eloped with one of the brothers) told us they had to wait for grandma to die before they could tear out the garden and build their home. So a lot of the old timers call it the Bellamy block. I guess back in the day they were all very wealthy and they actually had they're own parking lot and tennis courts across the street (they're are now houses there).

This home sits across the street but supposedly was on our block at one time.

This house sits next door to us. It is the oldest on the block built in the late 1800's. It was originally one story but during the 1920's the house was lifted and they made it two story. One of the brother's lived in it. It is also the house everyone tells me if they won the lotto they would buy?! I would probably go for the brick one personally. That's just me.

This is the big brick beauty the grandparents lived in. Let me tell you it's yard is always gorgeous!

This is our home where the parents lived and raised the two boys. I just think it is so fun to find out the history of homes and the people who once lived there or as my boys swear might still live there!