Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Sunroom

Well I have been busy today! Sitting here posting this is the frist time I have really sat down. I have been trying to finish up some projects I was working on and cleaning because only two more days til my darling nieces will be here from CA! (Of course I'm excited to see my sister- in- law and brother-in-law too!) I have been working on my sun room. I recovered my cushions with a green with delicate creme polka dot material. I stuffed some pillows, and covered them in a delicate pink ticking fabric with roses. I also added some more plants to my ladder and around the room. The little desk my husband brought home awhile back and kept harping about I should paint it. I decided I liked it the lavender color. It adds some whimsy to the room. I recovered my chandalier shades in the green fabric too. I have too say I'am very pleased with it so far. Sorry, I had to have the shades closed because, for the first time it got into the 90's today so, that makes that room feel like a really hot sauna! Well everyone have a fabulous weekend! I have to get back to cleaning and giving orders out to my family if I can find there hiding spots! LOL