Monday, August 31, 2009

My How Time Flies!

This is what my youngest son's room looked like Saturday night. Was it really eighteen years ago when I first looked into those warm, loving eyes? First held those little fingers? My how time flies! Was it really all that long ago I was depended on for everything he needed and wanted? Seems like yesterday I was nurse, taxi service, counselor, judge, referee, cook, maid, cheerleader and mom to this young man! Well I always knew this day would come just not this fast! So we packed up his stuff, alooot of stuff! Yesterday we drove my youngest son to college. We joined hundreds of other parents on this journey. I tried to remain calm and cool. I was pretty sucessful I didn't break down into a total blubbering mess. Today, another story as I feel eerily sad and lonely for a part of me that has left. I just have to hope and pray I have taught him all I could and he has the knowledge and skills to survive out there in the big bad world on his own! I'm happy he is there with his best friend and they are also roommates.(hopefully this all goes well)