Monday, August 17, 2009


I was very elated to find out yesterday I won a giveaway over at Sandy is a real sweetie so, if you havn't seen her blog yet wander over and say Hi. I will be sleeping on my porch next to the mailbox for the next few days. If I don't blog that is where I will be! Haha!

my nieces

Wow did last week fly by! My darling nieces arrived from CA. We took them to Pella. A very picturesque town and got them some awesome baked goodies they loved!
My niece sure got a kick out the rainstorm we had one day. she insisted she had to dance in the rain. My sister-in-law and I managed to sneak off to go to a store I love in Pella. It is a furniture store bout they have lots of accessories too. We modeled the adorable red gingham aprons with crocheted roosters dangling from them. Unfortunately we couldn't justify the $59.00 for them.

We took the girls to the Iowa State fair one day too. I don't know how Holly could look so cute eating a pork chop on a stick?! Katey looked adorable with her hat in the wagon! My husband snuck off with Holly and to our surprise put her on a camel to ride! She loved it!

We ended the week by taking the girls to Mall of America. My older niece loves to shop! You can tell she is already a fashionista queen wearing her sequined hat with pink sunglasses. I think we wore out the younger one! We couldn't believe she was actually sleeping like that! All in all it was a really fun and busy week! I miss them already!!