Monday, August 17, 2009


I was very elated to find out yesterday I won a giveaway over at Sandy is a real sweetie so, if you havn't seen her blog yet wander over and say Hi. I will be sleeping on my porch next to the mailbox for the next few days. If I don't blog that is where I will be! Haha!


  1. Congratulations! It's always fun to win a giveaway!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's very nice to meet you. You also have a fun blog! Love your sunroom down below!


  2. Hi! Congrats on your win too! It took a few weeks to get my book but it was worth it. She let me know she was running behind and had not forgotten me. As for the cabinets, we have been to Lowes and we are still discussing what kind of trim to put on it to "fancy" it up a little. It will be sometime in Sept before we get it done. Thanks for asking and 'stay tuned"...~Hugs, Patti

  3. Traci--
    Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!
    The water problems have been averted!
    Thanks also for the following. It looks like
    we started our blogs around the same time.
    Small World.:)
    Hope to see you soon.

  4. What a lucky girl! :-) Congratulations!


  5. How fun, you must show us what you won.
    Take care and enjoy your day,

  6. Hi Tracy! Your nieces are so cute. The last week as gone by so fast. Did they love the room? You and your sister looked adorable in those aprons but I agree about the price. But then again it probably takes awhile to crochet several roosters! Congratulations on winning Sandy's giveaway!

    I'd love to see a photo of your neighborhood. Did they all have similar houses or were they unique to each family? I love when people are interested in the history of their home. I think I'm too nostaligic. I need to live more in the here and now so I can get my house together and take some interior photos instead of playing in the attic!

  7. Good Morning,

    Congrats on winning!! Isn't it exciting to win something. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am new to blogging, but love it. My favorite thing to do in the morning or late at night when everyone else is asleep still.
    Hope to chat again soon.
    ♥ Rebecca


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